Laurene Sorensen - Law and Mediation

Laurene Sorensen
Hours: By appointment
Downtown Moscow
106 E 3rd Street, Suite 4A, PO Box 8826, Moscow ID

I am a lawyer and mediator.

This requires me to be a life coach, a management consultant, a counselor, a facilitator, or a teacher, depending on the situation and the needs of my client.

Mediation is my favorite thing to do. It’s often much more practical than litigation, as it lets individuals resolve their disputes rather than giving that power to a judge. In mediation, you’re not just a plaintiff or a defendant. Each party brings his or her whole personality to the table: values, issues, baggage, sense of honor, and sense of humor. Mediation gives individuals leeway to craft flexible, personalized solutions. In Moscow, mediation is frequently used to resolve of divorce and parenting issues, and is mandated in small claims cases in the Second District of Idaho. However, it’s appropriate for all kinds of situations, and especially helpful as a way to avoid the cost, acrimony and stress of a court case. I’ve mediated disputes over a baby python, a mangy dog, and an art collection, as well as landlord-tenant and collections issues.

When I’m wearing my lawyer hat, I like to focus on transactional law—in lay terms, “contract law”. This includes real estate, finance, business law, taxation, debtor/creditor issues, and family wealth management (wills, trusts, etc.).

I believe in “the art of the deal,” and prefer putting things together to taking them apart. In my early career I worked on numerous multi-million-dollar financings, and was taught by some of the best lawyers on Wall Street how to draft, review, and and negotiate contracts.

In my off hours, I teach and study yoga, slacklining, and acrobatics, and these demanding disciplines help me stay calm and grounded. I strive to balance attention to detail with awareness of the big picture, and am comfortable handling complex situations and challenging personalities.

I received a J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center, an M.A. in English from Columbia University, a B.A. from Oberlin College, and 40-hour civil mediation training at the Northwest Institute for Dispute Resolution. Currently I am licensed to practice in Idaho, Washington, Rhode Island, and New York.

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