BY DESIGN --- Live by Design!

Vicki Cockrell, Transformational Mentor & Home Harmony Consultant
Hours: by appointment, with free initial consultation

BY DESIGN has been based in Moscow since owner, Vicki Cockrell, moved here with her family in 2000. Vicki is an experienced Facilitator and Life Coach, who has been involved in teaching communication, leadership, relationship and personal development seminars since 1998. Her personal style is an innovative blend of intuitive, creative and analytical skills and training. She focuses on assisting individuals and organizations in transitions with insight, compassion and clarity, encouraging meaningful change in a respectful and nurturing atmosphere. Vicki is a Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a graduate of the Aligned Facilitator Leadership Series, is trained in Hakomi Body-Centered Psychotherapy and Hellinger Family & Organizational Rebalancing, and holds a Masters Degree in Business. 

Life Coaching, an interactive partnership between coach and client designed to help you define, accomplish and live your most fulfilling dreams, offers immediately usable skills by providing: a broader perspective, (and) accountability for actions and unconditional support. Using a combination of explorative processes to assist you to access your inner wisdom, you will be guided to set and achieve goals in harmony with your personal vision and values for meaningful work, connected relationships, respectful community and spiritual well being. By leading to your strengths, enhancing existing skills and expanding new resource states, you will identify and quickly move through limiting beliefs, creating a life of passion, purpose and joy. 

In support of living by design, Home Harmony Consultations assist you to create intentional spaces for intentional living. A BS in Interior Design, plus training in Feng Shui and Wabi Sabi give Vicki a wealth of knowledge from which to draw in working with you in both your personal and work locations. 

Wilderness Reflections Retreats provide an opportunity to explore balance and personal growth in various nature settings. Trips range from half and full day hikes, to multi-day retreats and excursions, and include various mindfulness and meditative practices. To complement these offerings, Vicki is now a Certified Wilderness First Responder. 

Services & Specialties: Individual, Couples, Family & Business Coaching; Wilderness, Women?s & Corporate Retreats; Customized Workshops; Body Based Wisdom Movement Explorations.

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