About Us

Buy Local Moscow began in 2006 when a group of nineteen local residents gathered to brainstorm the best way to support the independent business community here in Moscow. 

During a series of three meetings, a consensus emerged that the best option was the creation of a new organization to represent and creatively market the services and products available at Moscow's locally-owned independent businesses. The group recognized that it was crucial to the vibrancy of our community to get the word out about what our locally-owned businesses have to offer and about the role of independent businesses in the health and attractiveness of Moscow. 

Most locally-owned businesses are small and have minimal advertising budgets, but the uniqueness and quality of goods and services are unsurpassed. The question faced by the group was how to effectively broadcast to the public what each has to offer. 

With that goal, Buy Local Moscow was established. Buy Local Moscow aims to inform the public what locally-owned businesses in Moscow sell and do, through a website, printed materials and events. 

The mission of Buy Local Moscow is to showcase and to support the locally-owned independent businesses of our community. The owners of these member businesses have chosen to live in our community, and Moscow has settled in their hearts. Moscow continues to be a vibrant community because these businesses reinvest their profits locally, donate consistently to local programs, maintain diverse product choices, and strengthen Moscow' unique character. 

It's that simple.
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